The Jolly Discoveries Discoveries Team

Celeste Musgrave has been a primary school teacher in NSW, Australia with over twenty five years of classroom experience. She has specialised in the areas of early literacy and numeracy development in young children beginning their school life.

Celeste completed a Masters degree with a thesis investigating children’s ability to learn higher order mathematical concepts. Celeste has also inserviced teachers in mathematical discovery in the early years in various parts of Asia. The area of literacy development, in particular the reading and writing process using a synthetic phonics approach began her journey in teacher professional development. Celeste used a synthetic phonics program called Jolly Phonics by Sue Lloyd and Sara Wernham in her classroom for 10 years and witnessed children succeeding in reading and writing.

In 2005 Jolly Discoveries was formed by Celeste and her teaching colleague Santina. Both Celeste and Santina always had a passion for providing children in their early years with a wide range of learning strategies that would endeavour to tap into their specific learning needs. Synthetic phonics was one of those strategies they believed all children would benefit from knowing.

For six years Celeste and Santina successfully ran PD courses for teachers throughout Australia in synthetic phonics, grammar and other related areas of literacy. Regrettably Santina decided to leave Jolly Discoveries in 2012 and continue to pursue her passion elsewhere. Thank you Santina for the wonderful contribution you made over the years towards developing the high level of reputation Jolly Discoveries has gained. The fun times we experienced will always be remembered.

Celeste has remained with Jolly Discoveries and is still a strong advocate of synthetic phonics. She offers and regularly conducts school workshops for teachers in the Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar programs.

Just recently Jolly Discoveries has branched out into the very popular area of technology in education; in particular educational apps. In September 2013, ‘Phonics Under the Big Top’ was released for both ipad and android tablets. ‘Phonics Under the Big Top’ is a colourful, interactive, fun educational synthetic phonics app which has been written by Celeste. It reinforces a basic phonetic code of the English language by looking at 42 phonemes (letter sounds). Phoneme pronunciation, letter formation, initial sounds, end sounds, common digraphs and basic spelling using phoneme joining are all covered in ‘Phonics Under the Big Top’.

This app. is the beginning of an exciting new adventure for Jolly Discoveries in its quest to bring education and technology together.