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Jolly Discoveries is a teacher professional development business run by experienced teachers who have a passion for providing teachers and children with effective strategies that will assist children with their learning. Literacy in particular is a passion of the Jolly Discoveries team. Our main aim is to spread the word on the benefits of synthetic phonics as well as traditional and functional grammar. Our school professional development sessions that we offer are listed below.

NSW Institute of Teachers

NSW Institute of Teachers endorsed provider of Institute registered professional development (PD) for the maintenance of accreditation at professional competence. Scope of Endorsement-Professional Teaching Standards for the following courses:

  • Synthetic Phonics-An Introduction to Jolly Phonics
  • Bringing Grammar to Life-Jolly Grammar
  • Extending Your Knowledge of Synthetic Phonics through Jolly Phonics

Professional Development

  • Full Day (6 Hours) = $990
  • 4 Hours = $620
  • Half Day (3 Hours) = $525
  • 2 Hours = $395
  • 1 Hour = $225

Prices inclusive of GST. School training excludes travelling costs.
10% discount for courses held on a weekend; Free handbook given per school for a full day weekend course.

Synthetic Phonics - An Introduction to
Jolly Phonics

This PD provides a guide to the three basic skills of Jolly Phonics, a synthetic phonics program. The 42 phonemes (letter sounds) are explored as well as the related phonetic skills of blending (reading) and segmenting (writing). This PD would be suitable for teachers, staff and parents with little or no experience with the Jolly Phonics program or for a general staff meeting about synthetic phonics.

2 Hour PD Session
NSWIT Endorsed Course – Elements 1.2.1; 1.2.2; 1.2.3; 2.2.3
Australian Elements 1.2.2; 1.5.2; 2.1.2; 2.3.2

Synthetic Phonics - Jolly Phonics
in Detail

This PD provides teachers with a more detailed look at the Jolly Phonics program. Many examples of hands on strategies that can be immediately implemented into the classroom are shown. We also highlight how easy it is to adapt the Jolly Phonics program to suit the specific needs of your class. The importance of phonemic awareness is shown as a tool towards helping children with the skills of blending and segmenting.
Full Day or 4 Hour session.

A full day will include the introductory PD (see above) together with how digraphs are introduced in Kindergarten, ongoing assessment of phonemic awareness, a planning framework of the 42 phonemes and how the skills of reading and writing are developed.

Jolly Phonics - and the
Interactive Whiteboard

The Jolly Phonics program has moved to a new learning dimension with the introduction of ‘Jolly Phonics for the Interactive Whiteboard’ version 4. This exciting PD session explores the three steps found in this program and how to effectively use each step in the classroom.

2 hour PD session

Extending Your Knowledge of
Synthetic Phonics through Jolly Phonics

Many teachers wonder what needs to be done with their class once the 42 phonemes of the Jolly Phonics program have been covered. This exciting PD session explores this question. Many hands on classroom activities are shown that will assist with the skills of blending and segmenting, the location of phonemes within words, assessment and the development of reading and writing. A great disc containing games will also be supplied.
2 hour PD session

NSW Endorsed course – Elements 3.2.4; 3.2.6; 4.2.5; 6.2.1
Australian Elements 2.6.2; 3.3.2; 3.4.2; 3.5.2; 6.4.2

Bringing Grammar to Life
Jolly Grammar 1

This PD will focus on the skill of writing with an emphasis being placed on spelling and grammar in the infants’ grades. The content of the Jolly Grammar 1 program is emphasised through hands on activities that can immediately be used in the classroom. The PD also explores a systematic and structured spelling program that will assist children with the learning of the alternative spellings of many of the 42 phonemes introduced in the Jolly Phonics program. A full day PD session will include a spelling and grammar planning framework, examples of how to extend the Jolly Grammar program onto Year 6, plus many more exciting hands on activities.
2 hour or full day session

Jolly Grammar 2 - Building On
2-3 Hours PD

Building on the concepts introduced in Jolly Grammar 1, teachers are introduced to the new spelling and grammar component of the Jolly Grammar 2 program. Learn how to ‘dot, dash and dive’ as well as ‘phoneme finger count’ the phonemes in the spelling lists. Discover the advanced phonetic code of English which in turn will assist teachers and students with making sense of common spelling rules. Explore exciting ways for teaching grammar through a multi-sensory approach. The grammatical concepts of prepositions, conjunctions, parsing, contractions, verb tenses etc. are just some of the extra skills introduced. We will demonstrate how to adapt the Jolly Grammar programs to suit an Australian classroom setting and show how unnecessary worksheets may be avoided.

The Struggling Child
The Early Years

A PD that will provide teachers with a myriad of activities that will assist those children who are experiencing difficulties with the skills of reading and writing. The importance of phonemic awareness will be explained as well as the benefits of providing children with a wide range of skills that will tap into a student’s individual style of learning.

2 hours


Work with the Jolly Discoveries team to develop a Kindergarten to Year 6 Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar scope and sequence. A sequential, well balanced literacy framework will be developed by the end of this programming session that most importantly reflects your school’s specific needs..

Minimum time required 1 day

Jolly Parents

This Jolly Discoveries session will provide parents with an easy to follow practical guide to the Jolly Phonics program. Simple activities that parents can use at home to assist their child with developing reading and writing skills will be explained. This session will also include time for questions and answers.

1-1.5 Hours

Catering for the Student with Dyslexia

An informative PD explaining dyslexia and providing classroom activities that will cater for the needs of the dyslexic student.

2.5 Hours

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