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Phonics Under The Big Top reaches Top 200 on the App Store – Education category

The following saying is very true to my heart:

‘All things take time to create and great things like the city of Rome take a very long time. So we shouldn’t expect to accomplish something or achieve success immediately’.

Thank you to the many people who have purchased the Jolly Discoveries app ’Phonics Under The Big Top’.

My passion for creating my first app took two years to come to fruition. After seven months since it first went live, ‘Phonics Under The Big Top’ reached number 135 in the category of Education in the App Store. Without the support of the public this could not have occurred!

Thank you all.


3 thoughts on “Phonics Under The Big Top reaches Top 200 on the App Store – Education category

  1. By Anne Stableford on Reply

    Looks like an interesting way to develop students’ letter sound understanding. Would be a great IWB activity with the class.

  2. My children loved to play with the Phonics CDRom I had for them in the 1990’s. When she started school, my daughter was reading at a level exceeding what was expected at the end of grade one. I would love a copy of this new interactive one for my grandchildren!! Thanks for supporting The iTeach Hub!!

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